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All cattle exhibited including calves must have a NLIS tag.

PESTIVIRUS (BOVINE VIRAL DIARRHOEA VIRUS) All cattle entered in the Beef Cattle Competition, including calves at foot, must be tested for Pestivirus (Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus) and certified as non-PI (Persistently Infected). Certification of testing and proof of non-PI status is required in the form of a signed Veterinary Certificate or Laboratory Report, clearly listing animals and their identification.

All Exhibitors are required to complete the NCHD (Version 03/08/17) and submit this with entries.

a) All exhibitors must provide a correct Johne’s Beef Assurance Score (J-BAS) with their entries.

b) Exhibits will be stalled based on the J-BAS provided.

All cattle entered in the Stud Beef Cattle Section, must be entered or eligible for entry in the Approved Herd Book.

All Bulls 1 year and over must be led with a nose ring lead.

Participation in Grand Parade at 2pm is required to collect prize money.

Prizes may be collected from the Secretary’s office from 3.30pm.

Cattle exhibitors are able to use the netball rooms for camping on Friday night, shower and toilet facilities available.

BBQ tea Friday night, breakfast and lunch on Saturday provided.

FRIDAY 23 November HEIFER CHALLENGE at 6.30pm

Prizes (cash and products to the following value) awarded to 1st $280, 2nd $150, and 3rd $100 in each class.


1) Heifer under 14 months – Born after 24 Sept 2017

2) Heifer 14-18 months – Born between 24 May and 23 Sept 2017

3) Heifer 19-24 months – Born between 24 Sept 2016 and 23 May 2017

Champion Heifer: $250 donated by Bendigo Bank - Yea Community Bank

SATURDAY 24 November

General Classes will commence at 9am followed by Interbreed, Junior Classes and Hoof and Hook Competition.

Classes as below being 1-6 for each breed. Breed must be stated on entry form.

Prize money 1st $6, 2nd $4

1) Bull 19 months and under

2) Bull 20 months and over

3) Heifer 13 months and under

4) Heifer 14 months and under 17

5) Heifer 18 months and under 23 months

6) Cow 24 months and over

Awards Champion Bull in each Breed

Champion Female in each breed

Classes 7-9 Prize money 1st $20, 2nd $10

Interbreed Competition

7) Best Group of Beef cattle, both sexes to be represented

8) Pair of Bulls, 2 years and under at date of show

9) Pair of Heifers, 2 years and under at date of show

Supreme Champion Bull of the show Sponsored by Glenfield Charolais

Supreme Champion Female of the show Sponsored by Glenfield Charolais

Classes 10-15 Free Entry, Prize money 1st $10, 2nd $5

STUD CATTLE YOUNG JUDGES Age taken from 1st May 2019


CLASS 11 – 12-14 YEARS

CLASS 12 – 15 & UNDER 25 YEARS

STUD CATTLE JUNIOR PARADER Age taken from 1st May 2019


CLASS 14 – 12-14 YEARS

CLASS 15 – 15 & UNDER 25 YEARS


Head Steward: Peter Tull, Gary Fitzgerald

Stewards: Rotary Club of Yea members

Entry Fee: $45 per lot  

Includes pickup from farm to showgrounds/showgrounds to abattoir by local transport operators Malcolm White, Gordon Buckland, Andrew Arthur, Trevor Nash, Tom Oliver.

Open To: steers and heifers (must be milk tooth).

JUDGING: entries are to arrive at Yea Showgrounds before 8.30am on Saturday 24 November. Each vendor will receive an AUSMEAT appraisal on their carcase and carcase judging with their payment.

CARCASE COMPETITION 2% of sale price to Yea Rotary Club

Hot Standard Carcase Weight (HSCWT)
Range 180kg to 230kg
Fat Depth Range at P8:6-12mm


Hot Standard Carcase Weight (HSCWT)
Range 231kg to 300kg
Fat Depth Range at P8:6-12mm

The competition will be on hoof to hook with 1st $100. 2nd $75, 3rd $50 in each class. The overall champion will be selected from Carcase.

Glendaloch Farms Champion Carcase

Ribbons and prize money will be distributed at the Cattle Producers’ Dinner on 30 November.

Hoof Awards: Cattle will be assessed live & judged as to their market suitability for the above specification.

Carcase Awards: Carcases will be appraised using the AUSMEAT method of carcase appraisal. Points will be allocated for HSCWT, fat depth, fat colour, fat distribution, eye muscle area (in relation to HSCWT) and meat colour. The carcase judge will have the right of excluding carcases from awards.

Carcase pricing: Carcase valuation will be negotiated by the Association and Works Management. Individual carcase value will be determined by use of price grids, as has been the case in past years. Carcase pricing will have no bearing on carcase awards.

Live Stock Class: Pen of 3 Replacement Heifers (may be joined or unjoined). $45 entry includes pickup and Return. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Ribbons.


  1. Cattle entered in the competition are to have no permanent teeth when mouthed on the day of the show, The entries can be of either sex.
  2. Ear tags in the right ear of the animal as you face them will identify entries. These will be supplied by Yea AP&H Association and must be placed in the animal’s ear before arriving at the show grounds.
  4. All cattle entered for hoof judging will participate in the carcase competition.
  5. The P8 site (rump) will be used to measure the fatness of the carcase in accordance with the AUSMEAT language.
  6. Carcase awards (1st, 2nd. 3rd) will be given to entries on a points basis (max 100) for hot standard carcase weight, fat depth (PB), eye muscle area, fat colour and muscle colour, Carcase outside the ideal weight range by 5% or more will be ineligible for an award. Dark cutting carcase will also be ineligible.
  7. All carcases remain the property of the exhibitor until cleared of meat inspection procedures.
  8. All entrants must complete a National Vendor Declaration and hand this to the steward on arrival.
  9. No exhibit will be accepted with any visible disease or parasite.
  10. The Yea Agricultural, Pastoral and Horticultural Association reserves the right of withdrawing any entry. Entries withdrawn forfeit the entry fee.
  11. Carcases will be sold by the association on behalf of the owner, with appropriate slaughter levy and other fees as determined deducted accordingly.
  12. The exhibitor’s ABN must be included on the entry. Cattle will nor be accepted from exhibitors who do not supply an ABN.



Head Steward:

D Newcomen


G Barker, K Tull, C Coad

Entries Close

Monday 19 November

Entry Fee:

$5 Classes 1-9 | Youth Classes 10 to 15 free entry 

Bedding straw will be supplied

 Yea AP&H greatly appreciate the generous sponsorship of prizes for our Cattle Section